Instructions – Community Development Block Grant CV Program Invoice

  1. Grantee Name & Address: Use the Name (i.e., local unit of government) as it appears on the grant contract.
  2. DCED Contract Number: Located in the upper right corner of the contract or at the bottom right of the contract signature page.
  3. Program Year: This is the CPS project year from your IDIS set-up letter. If you have multiple project years for a competitive project, please note the additional program years in the comment section (found on page 3).
  4. Contract Amount: Located under Article I of the contract or 1st page of the most current amendment.
  5. Contract Activity Period: Located under Article III of the grant contract or on the first page of the most current amendment.
  6. Invoice Reporting Period: These dates should reflect the period the expenditures have been incurred.

*NOTE: There will be an entry ID assigned to each submission. This replaces the form “invoice number.” In addition, voucher numbers can no longer be assigned to the invoice (electronically). This will be managed by each grantee via their internal tracking policy.


OTHER INCOME (RADIO BUTTON) – The grantee must mark if they have any type of other income on hand or not (this includes program income, revolving loan funds, repayments to the local account and cash on hand).

  • If yes, enter how much other income for each type and choose the corresponding type in the drop-down menu.
  • If no, continue with fiscal information.

MULTI-YEAR PROJECT (RADIO BUTTON) — The grantee must mark if any activity listed on the invoice is a multi-year activity or not.

  • If yes, the grantee will need to identify which activity is a multi-year activity in column 3 and notate a comment in the comment field (located on page 3), including the original contract number and the date of environmental clearance.
  • If no, continue
  1. IDIS Activity Name: As entered by the grantee in HUD’s Integrated Disbursement & Information System
  2. IDIS Activity Number: Unique identifier assigned by IDIS once the activity has been added by the grantee during set up. Can be found on a PR02 in IDIS.
  3. Multi-year project indicator: Indicate ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for each activity listed.
  4. Expenditures This Invoice Period: Expenditures that have been incurred during the current invoicing period per activity (do not report estimates or advances).
  5. Other Income Type: Select type of other income being used in the drop-down menu.
  6. Other Income Used: This column is for the grantee to record the amount of any other income that is being used.
  1. Other Income on Hand: Current amount of other income that the grantee has in their account. (Auto populated)
  2. Expenditures This Invoice Period: The total amount under Column 4, Page II. (Auto populated)
  3. Other Income Used: The total amount under Column 5, Page II. (Auto populated)
  4. Cash on Hand: This field is for any funding that was drawn down in error and is in the grantee’s local account. This must be manually inputted.
  5. Total Amount Requested: Formula is 2-4 = 5 (Auto populated)

COMMENTS: If you have any other income or multi-year activities, describe them here. In addition, if you have any other information pertinent to the review of this invoice, please list it here in the comments field.


CERTIFICATION CHECK BOXES – The authorized signator must check these boxes, indicating that they reviewed, approved and have the authority to sign this invoice.

  1. Signature: Signature of person who reviewed and certified invoice as authorized by the grantee. (NOTE: Private contractors, consultants or contracted agencies (i.e. Community Action Program (CAP) Agencies, Councils of Government (COG), Redevelopment Authorities, etc.) are NOT permitted to sign on behalf of the grantee. Invoices without the proper authorized official’s signature will be rejected.
  2. Name: Type the name of authorized signator (Cannot be the same as #6 below).
  3. Title: Type the title of the authorized signator (Cannot be the same as #7 below).
  4. Email address of authorized signator: (Cannot be the same as #9 below).
  5. Date: Date Signed. (Auto populated)
  6. Contact Person: Type the name of the individual that is completing the form and can be contacted regarding any questions concerning the invoice. (Cannot be the same as #2 above)
  7. Title: Type the title of the individual completing the form (Cannot be the same as #3 above).
  8. Phone Number: Phone number (including area code) for the contact person.
  9. Email Address: Valid email address for the contact person, where they can be reached regarding any questions concerning the invoice (Cannot be the same as #4 above).
  • The contact person will click the “save and continue” button.
  • Enter the email address of the signator and click “send link.”
  • The authorized signator will receive an email and must click on the link within the email to access the invoice.
  • The signator must review the invoice (using the “previous” and “next” buttons)
  • On page four, the signator must check the two certification check boxes, complete their name, title and email address, and use their mouse to sign their name electronically.
  • Once the invoice is signed, the signator will click “save and continue later” button to send it back to the contact person to submit (or the signator may choose to click “submit” which will submit the invoice to DCED).
  • If the signator chooses to send the invoice back to the contact person to submit the invoice, they must enter the email address for the contact person.
  • The contact person will receive an email and click the link in the email to access the invoice. The contact person mustclick “submit” which will send the invoice to DCED for review.
  1. DCED will provide the sender with an “authorization” email within 3 full business days following submission if received by DCED by 5:00 p.m. Funds may NOT be drawn down prior to receiving email confirmation from the Financial Management Center Staff.
  2. DCED reserves the right to reject any invoice where other income is required to be used before the drawing of additional federal funds.

Any questions regarding these instructions, please call DCED’s Quality and Assurance and Operational Support Division at 717-787-7402.
Operational Support Division at 717-787-7402.